RustConcepts 3x PVE

Bi-Weekly Map ~ Monthly BP Wipe ~ Max Group 5

Server Rules

General rules on main page apply to all servers. Below are rules specific to our PVE server

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QoL Improvements

Our loot tables have been picked over with a fine tooth comb, and most junk items were removed. Events signals were added to some crates in their place.

Player backpacks for extra storage!
Use bind in F1 console to assign a hotkey
Default Space is 18 slots. Authorize in our Discord to receive 36 slots.
VIP Users get the full 48 slot bag.

Added Monument and Event NPCs. Heli and Bradley events also have defending NPCs after their destruction.

Link your accounts for bonus kits and a larger backpack!

Ore piles and Excav control are locked to the player for an additional 5m after the Excav stops. Unattended ore is fair game if left after the lockout expires.

Starter, Building, and Farming kits are available by default. Joining our discord and linking your accounts can unlock more.
Use /kit to open the menu and see available kits.

Airdrops spawn nearly instantly where the signal is thrown!

Heli and Bradley crates are locked to the player that destroyed the entity. This lockout lasts for 5m, at which point other players can steal.

Tired of losing your inventory to a boar? Worry no more. All loot gets restored on death unless inside a PVP area. Be sure to check your UI Indicator!

This plugin adds a character progression system to your server in the form of a leveling and skill tree system.
Players gain xp by cutting trees, mining rocks, killing NPCs etc, and are rewarded with skill points when they level up.
These points can be used to unlock perks and buffs across a number of different skill trees.

Earn points for everyday actions like farming, breaking barrels, swiping keycards, or killing NPCs to name a few.
Points can then be spend in the shop (/s) for items, resources, and much more.

If 40% of player vote, night will be skipped.

Server restarts at 3 AM each morning. Join back after the restart and use the command /rjrewards to claim a reward!

Our tugboat plugin allows many extra items to be placed on a tugboat.
Allowed items can be rotated by hitting them with the hammer while holding down reload key (R).
Minis - Landing on tugboat will lock minicopter to that position. Once you mount the minicopter it will output to chat the status of the latch/lock.
Torpedos - Pressing reload (R) key will attempt to fire a torpedo from the front of the tugboat, It will take the ammo straight out of your player inventory.
Water Mines - Pressing crouch (CTRL) key will drop a water mine off the back of the tugboat. These require inner tubes and C4 in your inventory.
Water System - Place a electric water purifier and it will run when tug is switched on.
It will suck water from under the boat up and purify it. If any sprinklers are detected then it will hook those into the nearest water purifier.

Server Events

Here you can find information and tips about the custom events that take place on the server.

This event allows bases to become raidable when all players in a base become inactive. Currently the inactive time is set to 48 hours for default players.
Each base has a map marker, allows PVP and is surrounded by a dome that protects it from being attacked from the outside.
Players who zone hop will be flagged with a PVP delay where they can still be attacked for 15 seconds. Raided player bases cannot be claimed.

A cargo plane flys across the airfield dropping airdrops, and hackable locked crates. Heavy NPCs and sometimes a patrol helicopter will protect the crates.
This is a PVE event. Crates will be locked to the player who first deals damage to the guarding NPC while inside the event dome.
Leaving the dome after becoming the event owner will cause you to lose ownership.

A variety of well protected trains traverse the above and below ground rail network carrying highly valuable loot. Trains can consist of multiple wagons and be outfitted with Bradleys, Turrets, NPCs, or SamSites.
Attacking the Train will cause it to stop for a short amount of time.

This event adds a variety of NPC Bosses with special abilities across the map. Bosses will be named and marked on the world map for players to find.

4 Levels of HeliSignals can be purchased through the shop (/s) that will call a Patrol Helicopter to attack your location. These helis are locked to your team and cannot be damaged or stolen by another player.

4 Levels of BradlyeDrops can be purchased through the shop (/s) that will drop a Bradley APC to attack your location. These APCs are locked to your team and cannot be damaged or stolen by another player.

This event begins with a chat warning about a bioweapons deal going down at the Satellite Dish.
When exchange begins, NPCs guards and extra crates will spawn in the Satellite Dish. A CH47 will fly to the dish to make a trade for the zombies in the locked cage.
When the CH47 arrives, it will drop the locked crate as a payment for the biological weapons. Soon after it will land and zombies will begin boarding.
As soon as the CH47 has picked up all the remaining zombies, it will fly off the map.
If you kill at least one zombie, an alarm will start. The alarm can be ended by answering the phone at the Satellite Dish within 10 seconds. If you do not stop the alarm, a Bradley will parachute in as reinforcements.

This event starts off as a warning on the chat about a ship coming soon to dock in the Harbour, loaded with precious cargo.
After the period has passed, a ship appears in one of the Harbour locations, where the crane loads a container.
The loading area is protected by a Bradley and multiple NPCs. The hanging container door is locked. You must push a button from inside the cranes cockpit to open the door.

Sputnik is a server event that allows players to contest fallen sputnik satellite fragments that fall around the map. Players will need to battle their way past patrol helicopters, NPCs, turrets, and mines to gain access to loot locked behind keycards that require Space Cards, which has been added to loot tables and sold in our shop!

Occasional squadrons of jets fly around the map shooting off mlrs rockets. Some of the planes seem to malfunction and crash on the island with their loot. If you hurry to a crash site, you may avoid the protection detail sent to recover the pilot.

Multiple teirs of convoy can be found moving high value loot around the island.

Pirate event that spawns NPCs and loot on roaming tugboats!

5 levels of Raidable NPC Bases are marked on the world map. These raids are considered public and CAN be countered or stolen. Raid these at your own risk. Personal raids can be purchased through a /buyraid command. Bought raids are private and CANNOT be countered or stolen.

This event randomly sends an NPC raid to your base depending on your NPC kill count, or the completion of a RaidableBase Event.

The plugin allows players to visit a cold atmospheric Space void of gravity and oxygen, and visit an International Space Station! A Space Station appears high in the sky and is surrounded by Meteorites, Spaceships, and Balloons.
There is no gravity in Space, the temperature is very low and there is no oxygen. A hazmat or oxygen tank is highly recommended. You can get to Space by Spaceship or by a Balloon which also spawns near roads and in loot tables.
The Space Station is guarded by custom NPCs and a multiple Space Bradleys. Spaceships can be loaded with torpedos and fired at the Bradleys from the air.

Hordes of Zombies roam the island looking for their next meal. Will it be you?

Chat Commands

Below are a few of the more popular plugin commands on the server

Lock on Rockets can be crafted using the custom craft menu located at wworkbenches, or by using /craft.lockon
- Crafting requires 2 HV Rockets and 3 Tech Trash
- Lock-On Rockets are useful for Raid Traps, and have a damage multiplier for Helis and Bradley

Use /kit to see the full list of available kits to you.
Use /kit name to quickly choose a kit from chat without using the menu.

Use /skin in chat to open the Skinbox menu. Drag an item to the window on the right to view available item skins.

Adding friends to your list allows them to damage your private Helis and Bradleys and access your storage boxes if they are not on your team.
Use /friend add (name) to add a friend to your list.
Use /friend list to view your added friends.

Use /tpr (player) to request a teleport to that player.
Use /home add NAME to save your current position as the location NAME
Use /tphome NAME to teleport you to the home location
Use /outpost to teleport yourself to Outpost
Use /bandit to teleport yourself to Bandit Town
Use /tphelp to shows teleport commands

Vehicle Licence allows players to buy vehicles and then recall them around the map.
Any vehicle bought through this method will carry over on map wipes and reset on BP wipes.
Use /license to shows help menu to the player.
Use /buy to buy a license
Use /spawn to spawn a vehicle
Use /recall to recall vehicles to the vicinity of the player
Use /kill to kill the players vehicle

Our server uses a combination of Bgrade and BuildingGrades known as BuildTools
This tool allows you to set your material in the lower left corner while holding a building plan.
If this menu times off your screen, it can be reopened using /bgrade
With your material selected, build items placed will auto upgrade to that material.
To upgrade an entire building to a different material, use /up all # (0 twig, 1 wood, 2 stone, 3 metal, 4 high qual)
Downgrades are not currently allowed so be sure you are ready for the upkeep of any upgrades.
VIP Users can use the gear icon to select their building skin.

Use /remove - Enable/Disable Remover Tool to remove items from a distance.
Removing building blocks requires the necassary material be in your inventory.

Use /sil to download the image from the url to the server and display it on the sign you are currently looking at.
Use /silt message fontsize: number color: hex value bgcolor: hex value
To download a generated image with the given text and optional fontsize, color, and bgcolor to be displayed on the sign you are currently looking at.
Use /silrestore to restore an image that may have broken during the last restart.
Use /sili to add currently held item icon to sign or frame.

Use /colour - Changes your colour to given hex code
Use /colour clear/reset/remove - Resets your colour
Use /colour gradient to change your colour to the given gradient
Use /colour random - Changes your colour to random hex code

Use /pr to open the PlayerRanks GUI
Use /pr chat to Enable/Disable chat announcements.
Use /pr optout to have your stats removed from, or included in, public displays.

Use /st to open the SkillTree Menu
Use /togglexpdrops to toggle the xp popup when obtaining xp.
Use /togglexphud to toggle the xp hud on the players screen.
Use /turbo to toggle the turbo on the boat, if the player has the relevant perk.
Use /movebar to bring up a ui that can be used to relocate the xp bar on the players screen
Use /sb to bring up the scoreboard, showing who has the most xp.
Use /sttogglenotifications to toggle notifications from buff triggers.

Use /st to open the SkillTree Menu
Use /togglexpdrops to toggle the xp popup when obtaining xp.
Use /togglexphud to toggle the xp hud on the players screen.
Use /turbo to toggle the turbo on the boat, if the player has the relevant perk.
Use /movebar to bring up a ui that can be used to relocate the xp bar on the players screen
Use /sb to bring up the scoreboard, showing who has the most xp.
Use /sttogglenotifications to toggle notifications from buff triggers.